What kind of encryption is it?


What kind of encryption this is?


Looks like SHA1 but not sure… from where you got it?

Can you please provide more context?

When I was submitting my game score on https://shaonbd.github.io/flying-daz-n it generated a link like this https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbyiiaCReR2Z2D6sTA0omUKisF6ND6qW06Aew-QMUwq0PVYz93s/exec?name=Shakib&ca1cd3c3055991bf20499ee86739f7e2=0475348f4L3347H8142415Y65127T1484N7N7618568x8RXNUHXAMMAATQGLWIDLAJQ&[email protected]&phone=01xxxxxxxxx

My score was 5, so the decrypted result should be 5… Now I need to know what kind of encryption is it…