Category Topics

General Discussion

Your ideas and suggestions are important to us. Let us know your thoughts, ideas and valuable suggestions. Your enacted expectations will make this community great.

How I Hack This!

Share your wonderful story of Bug hunting and the way you find the vulnerability. If you believe in the offensive art like Defacement you can also share that.

Hack The Box Challenge

HTB (Hack The Box) is our online information security competition program. This competition will test your skills in information security and based on that we will give you the ‘REPUTATION ’. The higher reputed man will be counted as our top hacker.

Web Application

Love to exploit web applications? If you are enthusiast about web application breaking, You can learn, share and discuss about web application vulnerabilities and exploits.

Software and System

If you love to exploit software and system, It is a great place to do discuss, learn and share your knowledge.

Network Systems

Attacking the network system always seems excited to us. Here you can discuss, learn and share your knowledge about WEP/WPA encryption, Sniffing, MITM, LTE and Radio signal attacks.


Playing with malware is always interesting. It’s a great place where you can learn, discuss different type of malware for different platform. You can also share your knowledge about malware development.

Embedded Systems and Electronics

Have you ever exploited Embedded Systems? Maybe you are interested in developing a hacking project with microcontrollers, Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Do some magic and make it fun!

Industrial Control System

Exploiting vulnerabilities in the ICS are one of the most valuable and devastating part of information security. You can find people like you who are also interested to develop their knowledge in this area.

Reverse Engineering

Hackers always love to use crack versions of premium softwares. Doing reverse engineering is like to roam around the structure and find out the brick that made the wall! By learning and sharing about reverse engineering can develop all of us.

Forensic & Cryptography

Cryptography is not only about ciphering and deciphering. Make the algorithm complex, take the hash and apply multi layer encryption. Let’s discuss how we can preserve data more securely utilizing cryptography and the ways to break it.

OSINT and Social Engineering

Sometimes, It is easy to fool people in the cyber world. Web infrastructure makes it more alluring for you to step into cyber frauds. Discuss and share the ways of social engineering, attack patterns and prevention methodologies.


Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. We believe we are incomplete without knowing programming languages. Here anyone can share, discuss and learn about programming languages.

Security Patches

Lets discuss about latest security patches on popular cms, web applications, network Infrastructures, secure subsystems, payment gateway and more.