We are offering $1.5 million for iPhone zeroday


It’s an announcement for all information security companies and individuals. Currently we are offering $1.5 million for iPhone, iOS 12.x zero day zero click exploit.

  • It must be a remote and zero click exploit.
  • After the deal, the exploit must be live to work at least 6 months. Otherwise the deal will be canceled and 75 percent of the money will be withdrawn.
  • The company or person must have a non-disclosure agreement with us.
  • The exploit must have this privileges:
  • Voice
    • Record phone calls
    • Record Viber calls
    • Record WhatsApp calls
  • Monitor messaging systems
    • SMS
    • MMS
    • Gmail (Hangouts)
    • Facebook
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
    • Viber
    • FaceTime
    • Line
    • WeChat
    • SS
    • Tango
    • KakaoTalk
    • Telegram
    • Others…
  • Monitor calendar entries
  • Monitor mail systems
  • Monitor all files on the device (including photos and videos)
  • Turn on microphone at will and record audio
  • Turn on camera at will and record video and audio

For any query please inbox or email: 0day [at] encryptbd.com



$1.5 million !!! :astonished: You are so rich bro !