[Solved] Opera - video is not playing in Linux

If you are new and you just installed Opera browser on your Linux system then maybe you are going to face this problem that It don’t support videos on Facebook or YouTube. Reason, the browser is not supporting H.264 Encode. To test you can go https://html5test.com

There are lots of troubleshoots of this problem, but very few of them may work. Hope this easiest way will be helpful for Opera Lovers.

  1. Download the last libffmpeg from here and decompress it.
  2. Copy the libffmpeg.so to this path:
    sudo cp libffmpeg.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera
  3. Restart Opera.

Thanks @Exploit-Baba for inbox me this problem. :purple_heart:


Thanks bro for the help.


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