keylogger suggestion

any recommendation keylogger that can record keystrokes & auto start in windows startup & it is running in stealth mode with FUD.
i already try “DanuSoft Free Keylogger” but the main problem is when widows shutdown/restart no log data found in log file.

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Crack or Free Keyloggers:

  • Ardamax
  • Spylogger
  • Beeloger

Paid Keyloggers:

  • Phoenix Keylogger
  • Falcon Keylogger

I personally prefer Falcon Keylogger & Ardamax Keylogger


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.any chance to get that paid version or if possible share will be great help.:grinning:

Well, you can buy them from Hackforums either through Hackforums contract or via directly contacting the seller.