How to run programs automatically when usb is plugged in?

can i run a rat , keylogger or any malicious file automatically when usb plugged in ?
or how can i steal information just connecting the usb ?

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Hi @Shouvo In Windows


and save it as autorun.inf file in your usb root dir. For more info:

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Use rubber ducky


Hi Bro. @Shouvo Find this alternative cheap way.

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thanks every one :slight_smile:

but in windows 10 autorun may be blocked in pendrive but available from cd . Am i right ?

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Then rubber ducky will be a good solution.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,
You cannot automatically run a program from usb flash drive nowadays. Windows 10 has blocked this feature from malicious programs to run automatically. Therefore, you can use a HID device also known as Bad Usb or Rubber Ducky. This is a simple usb board which acts like a keyboard rather than an usb. So when you plug it in, it will send some predefined keys to the device, such as,

open cmd >> close av >> run a program >> reboot etc

You will need Arduino to write the script for your badusb. Or you can use some hid payload scripts already coded by others.

Hope this helps. Good day.

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