HackTheBox - C1

HackTheBox is a completely independent and open challenge based platform allowing you to test your hacking skill and intellectual personality. Every challenge is holding 100 points in different platforms. The most point hunter will be counted as a winner in this program as well as the top hacker in ENCRYPTBD Ranking.

The winner will receive 10,000 BDT as a gift from ENCRYPTBD. The first and second runner up will also receive 6,000 BDT and 4,000 BDT.


Challenge 1:
Richard Tolar is working in a organization as a Vice President of Accounting. A recent data breach leaks this information. Find out the source (website) of data breach.

Hints: OSINT, Text Storage Site

Challenge 2:
Download the image from here (pwd: 123). Analyze it and find the two hidden messages.

Hints: Cryptography, Stenography

Challenge 3:
Download the malware from here (pwd: 123). Analyze it (dynamic or static), find out its category, identify the C&C server, exploitation methodology and other activities.

Hints: RAT, Windows

Challenge 4:
Go to this website. Find out and exploit the two web application vulnerabilities that are exists on this website.

Hints: Wordpress, OWASP Top10

Challenge 5: There is a mistake in this php code. Re-code it with a the solution.

if ($_SESSION['admin_loggedin'] !== true) {
    header('Location: /log-in.php');

Hints: Script Execution

How to Submit?

We believe that hackers are always lazy about doing formal works. It is super easy to submit your POC of challenges. Just make a doc/text or video about your completed challenges and sent it to @HackTheBox-Bot

What if there are a couple of people who has completed all of the challenges?

Every challenge is holding 100 points. The most point hunter will be counted as a winner. If this coincidence happens; The person who ends up first will be the winner.

What is the deadline for submission?

HackTheBox challenge will be close in 5th October, 2018.

Remainder : Hack The Box will be closed tomorrow


When we will get the results …??


Hi @khan
The result will be published tomorrow and we will complete our all commitments in this weekend.

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I reported a solve please check ASAP



Hi @Rudra
Thanks for participating in HackTheBox.
The submission time has expired but we will try to accept it and we are confirming that your submitted POC has been reviewed by ENCRYPTBD. Please stay connected to us. The result will be published tomorrow and we will complete our all commitments in this weekend.

Actually i seen encryptbd page with CTF post today and i back to my home and trying to find Flag, BTW thanks for reply.


You are most welcome @Rudra


Looking for more CTF hopefully we’ll get more from EncryptBD


Thanks @Rudra We believe, It’s just a beginning. :+1:



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Hi @Shouvo
How can I help you.

how can i submit ctf solution ? in details… i solve some problem

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the process of submission is confusing… and i know the deadline is over thanks @1337

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Thanks for your suggestion. We will improve it in next CTF :slight_smile:

if you use online judging platform i think this make CTF more colourfull… :slight_smile:


Hum… Hope the next CTF will be differen. I’ll try my best. :slight_smile: