Forensics Challenge 1: Read between blood

Stegen (German footballer) who hid a message for caesar (Former Roman consul) in this Album image, can you retreive it?

Hints: Maybe you can find an online decoder?

If you found something message me.

Top Solver:

  1. Shouvo


Step 1:

Go to Steganography Online

FLAG: myFirstCTFchallenge{LBH_SBHAQ_GUR_SYNT_\z/} (Dig More Check Step 2)

Step 2:
As i mention in my post about caesar (Former Roman consul) and this is actually Caesar Cipher
Go to: Caesar cipher decryption tool • Computer Science and Machine Learning and decode the text LBH_SBHAQ_GUR_SYNT_\z/

Tada! you got the FLAG: myFirstCTFchallenge{YOU_FOUND_THE_FLAG_\m/}

Thanks for trying this CTF :wink: see you guys on next CTF.


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Can I get some hints ? @Rudra

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Already i give it to the post :wink:

i think new hints needed for solving the problem

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read the post again.Enough hint in the post :wink:

Check inbox plz
i’m not sure about the flag but you should write a demo of the flag.

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dig more to get the flag text
Hints: myFirstCTFchallenge{****************\m/}

take it easy :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Solution update :wink:

Ops sorry.
I was late. :persevere:

Next time

me too