Absolute Noob Where Do I Begin?

Hi. I’ve just opened an account here on the EncryptBD forum. I am an undergraduate student with a major in Computer Science and Engineering. I’ve always been more interested in the networking portion of systems, and I intend to specialize in any relevant field. Thus I have always had this wish to learn the art of exploitation. So I want to ask you all, where do I begin?

Google searches such as “how to begin learning to hack” do not help at all really. So if any of you would kindly give a basic outline on how to just get a grasp of this field, that’d be great. I’m really looking for that place to start, that’s all.

Thanks in advance!

if you are really interested in hacking or security related any thing you must start with “How to search on Google” that is the most important thing . you have to how you can search and find anything or get help from google :slight_smile: that will be help in every step .but also you have to learn about structure of a web application (if you interested in web application hacking) .there is many thing just start learning .

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I think picoctf is a great place to start! There are plenty of resources around those challenges and each challenge have a small byte sized take away easy to digest.