Masud Rana 1.1 - The Android RAT (SpyNote Modified/Alternative)

I tried masud rana in my vivo phone. Didn’t work

detected :unamused: teach us how to encrypt it

People like you (members) uploaded in virustotal… :rofl:

Who said i upload it?
I have my own encryption any way, its easy to change some things inside the apk to bypass the google play protection, but i want to know to bypass antivirus, i know what to change inside the apk to do this but i dont know how does antivirus works

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Just kidding :grin:

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do you have new patch to bypass?

Eita amar kaj kore but problem holo just ekbar kaj kore ekbar jodi ami spynote off kore dei tahole 2nd time r khuje pay na victim device…eita solve korar upay ache??


I have set the address of the DNS address and port with my address. When I’m going to build the apk file, an open windows pop up instead of creating the backdoor apk file. May I know why?

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Hi. You need to select the stub.apk file from the patch folder.

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Thank you. I’m using OpenVPN GUI for my tunelling service. Let say this is my address tcp:// So when I’m going to build the client, I need to set the IP as: and the 39450 right?

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Yes. You can also try Ngrok

bro i am getting lot errors , got struck there .that bar not moving.i installed java also

Please help me

not installed

hello, i downloaded it but there is no application that i can run to get the control interface
what should i do to have an application inside your files so i can run it and do everything?